18 mars 2018

Ma, Ida Börjel, Bonniers (a second visit)

Jag har skrivit om Ida Börjels Ma på Versopolis. Hela artikeln kan läsas här: 

It is also a poem that conducts the void that occurs when the world goes awry. Here are references to the 20th century disasters, which are added in parallel with the challenges of the 21st century, in the form of terrorist deeds and refugees – when the poem reaches the letter “L”, we end up in Lampedusa. It is a poem that can be said to prosecute Europe. There are also poems that reveal the hypocrisy in Swedish arms exports. It also manifests itself in a profound criticism of the neutral Sweden's flatness against the Nazis during World War II. Here Börjel's assignment is twofold: she is scraping the old wounds, and she also puts a bandage on them. She brings solace - but does not forget or forgive anything. She calls for action, and gives her book incentives to a new approach to the world.

Jag recenserade boken när den kom ut på svenska (10/1 2014). Sedan nominerade vi den till Augustpriset. Nu fyra år senare tycker jag nog det är 10-talets bästa diktsamling på svenska.

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